Carla Eberle
Carla Eberle
Carla Eberle
COO, Farmer in Training

Carla Eberle

Carla heads up all things operations and marketing. Her interest in farming and agriculture stems from volunteering at a nearby organization focused on food equity and access. She is passionate about championing the stories of small farmers and believes in connecting with people through authentic storytelling. Her years of in-house and agency public relations and marketing experience have made her a pro at crafting campaigns and content aimed at all stages of marketing. She’s most at peace when she’s outdoors or on her yoga mat.

Favorite kitchen item:
Bullet blender - smoothies are key in our house!
Favorite Wheels:
My Trek Chelsea 9-speed city bike
Worst Fear:
Creepy crawlers coming out of the drain (but really really losing people's trust)
My 'Happy Place' is:
Riding my bike at Plum Island
I get annoyed when:
I’m awoken from naps
Peak of my athletic career:
High school 2-mile
I’m most proud of:
Raising 2 kiddos
I’m terrible at:
Navigation - GPS is my friend
Favorite Flower:
Movie I wish I was an extra in:
Royal Tenenbaums (or any Wes Anderson movie really)