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We are a collaborative, passionate group of individuals, and it is our mission to bring tools and opportunities to hard-working farmers and small business owners. We are always on the lookout for mission-driven individuals who share our passion for this community!

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Farmers First

Farmers - their goals and their challenges lie at the core of everything we do. Our work serves rural economies, sustainable agriculture initiatives, carbon footprint reduction in the supply chain, and thousands of women-run businesses across the country. If you are passionate about making an impact with your career in any of these areas, we want to hear from you!

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Breakthrough Technology

We build novel technology to facilitate human relationships and problem-solving. Every layer of our architecture is built with intention: we drive industry-wide progress by working one-on-one with our dedicated community of farmers, collectives, and hubs across the United States. We love thinking outside the box and asking the hard questions.

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Collaboration for Impact

Every day, our team works closely with industry experts to bring thought leaders together to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges.

We look for team members who are excited about stretching their capabilities through meaningful engagement with thought leaders - fostering improvement through collaborative efforts. Some of our partners include:

Agricultural Economists
To support advanced data modeling.
Cooperative Extension
To guide horticultural decision-making.
Floriculture Educators
To provide instructional opportunities.
Business Experts
To support education initiatives for our community of business owners.
Leaders at USDA and NIFA
To support farm-driven development of technology.
a Solution for Farmers

Open Positions

Below are select roles for which we are actively searching for the right candidate.

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Meet our Team

We are all about farmers. In fact, that's where many of us got our start. Get to know some of our team members below.