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The Gardener's Workshop
Ask a Flower Farmer Takeover with Amelia Ihlo of Rooted Farmers

Hear Amelia answer questions on topics including getting started selling wholesale to florists/designers; building a sustainable farming business, selling to grocery stores, pricing product, and more!

The Flower Podcast
New Features for Flower Farmers in 2023

Amelia Ihlo, founder of Rooted Farmers highlights some of our newest grower features - including the Rooted Range™ pricing tool, advanced analytics, and order messaging!

The Flower Podcast
Rooted Farmers Pricing Tools and Trends with Amelia Ihlo and Kimby Decker

This is part 2 of Scott Shepherd's chat with Kimby Decker of Millsap Farm and Amelia Ihlo, Founder of Rooted Farmers to discuss their approach to pricing and how it has evolved over the years. Amelia also shares a little about Rooted's new pricing tool and its functions and why they saw a need for it in the flower market. Learn how pricing doesn't have to be a dreaded part of your flower farm!

The Flower Podcast
Adding Flowers to Veggies with Kimby Decker with Millsap Farm

The shift from growing vegetables to flowers, or even just adding flowers to your farm's inventory, may appear to be an insurmountable challenge; however, flowers may prove to be an invaluable asset to your growing business. Hear from Kimby Decker, the farm manager at Millsap Farm located close to Springfield, Missouri, talk about her experience growing flowers and selling through a collective.

The Flower Podcast
Collectives and Cooperatives with Justine McFarland and Jill Shea

Justine McFarland, owner of Tupelo Farm, part owner and manager of River City Flower Exchange Cooperative and Jill Shea, manager of the Connecticut Flower Collective talk all things collectives and cooperatives! What's the difference between a coo-op model vs. single owner LLC? What makes a collective or co-op different from a wholesale house? How does the financial model work?

The No-Till Flowers Podcast
Tackling Burnout and Farmer Well-Being Through Collective Selling

In this episode, "Tackling Burnout and Farmer Well-Being Through Collective Selling," Jennie Love, owner and Creative Director of Love 'n Fresh Flowers, and Amelia, founder of Rooted Farmers, share their personal stories and strategies for farmer fatigue.

Field and Garden Podcast
Episdoe #122: Am I Ready to Join or Start a Collective? Interview with Amelia Ihlo!

In this episode, "Am I Ready to Join or Start a Collective?" Amelia and Lisa Mason Ziegler owner of *The Gardener's Workshop* discuss what it takes as a flower farmer to be ready to join or start a floral collective. They touch on common indicators for success, such as knowing your market & your customer’s needs, examining your grower network & relationships, thinking about short and long-term plans, and building resources.

Field and Garden Podcast
Episode #119: What is a Collective, Anyway? Interview with Amelia Ihlo

In this episode, "What is a Collective, Anyway?," Amelia and Lisa Mason Ziegler owner of *The Gardener's Workshop* discuss the ins and outs of this flower-selling model, the differences between a floral collective and co-op, and more.

The Flower Podcast
How to buy local flowers with Rooted Farmers online marketplace

Founder of Rooted Farmers, Amelia Ihlo, takes you through the process of buying flowers using the online marketplace. Rooted is free for floral designers to join.

The Flower Podcast
Selling cut flowers simplified with Rooted Farmers

Amelia Ihlo, founder of Rooted Farmers demonstrates how flower farmers manage inventory, connect with floral buyers, set your pricing, send invoices, accept payment and much more.

The Flower Podcast
Roundtable discussion of Rooted Farmers

Listen to this roundtable chat featuring Amelia Ihlo of Rooted Farmers, flower farmer Lillian Calhoun of Calhoun Flower Farm in New Mexico, and floral designer Rhea Calpeno of Photosynthesis Floral Studio in Virginia. Discover Lillian's insights on the efficiency and time-saving benefits of the Rooted platform. Additionally, hear how Rhea approaches designing with local floral product and why she views local as a valuable selling point when talking with clients.

The Flower Podcast
How to sell local flowers with Amelia Ihlo of Rooted Farmers

Amelia began flower farming five years ago, jumping (somewhat naively!) into growing after feeling called to a more back-to-nature approach to life. She lives with her husband and a flock of children, chickens, and ducks on their rural New Hampshire farm (Zone 4b), where she has about an acre in production for flowers. Most of her product is field-grown, with the help of an NRCS high tunnel for season extension.

Slow Flowers
Episode 494: How does Rooted Farmers' marketplace work? An update from founder Amelia Ihlo and insights from farmer-florist Haley Billipp of Eddy Farm and Connecticut Flower Collective

Debra, Amelia, and Haley discuss new ways to showcase floral inventory for wholesale or retail sales – on Rootedfarmers.com. This podcast and article walk us through updates since the launch of Rooted Farmers a little more than a year ago. As the resilience of flower farmers large and small was tested in 2020, it was surprisingly a good year for launching the new Rooted Farmers platform.