Why Small Farms?

Flowers you can feel good about

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Flowers matter
So does your farmer

Have you ever wondered where those flowers in your grocery store come from?
Chances are, they were cut weeks before you scooped them up, and were sourced from an industrialized operation halfway across the world.
Let’s take a look at the impact of the other guys…
Industrialized Operations
Industrialized Operations

Industrialized operations grow flowers bred to live for days (or weeks!) out of water. (Often, the fragrance is bred out to extend shelf life and replaced with perfume!)

Impact of Pesticides
Impact of Pesticides

Studies show that these imports can include a cocktail of 100+ pesticides and preservatives to help them survive. These pesticides impact the health of workers, local communities growing the flowers and florists handling the flowers.

Chemical use in conventional farming
Chemical use in conventional farming

Conventional farming techniques – the use of chemicals to fight pests and weeds – increases greenhouse gas emissions, disrupts microorganisms, leads to water pollution, and soil erosion.

Rooted Farmers:
Zero Imports Here

The dollars you spend go directly to small farms in your community.
At Rooted, we believe that agriculture can be both regenerative and productive. By supporting small farms you’re supporting local economies and sustainable businesses.

image of Small Farms

image of Small Farms
Small Farms

The dollars you spend go directly to small farms. They support:
  • local economies
  • bee-friendly ecology
  • climate-conscious practices
  • hundreds of women-owned businesses

image of Sustainable Practices

image of Sustainable Practices
Sustainable Practices

Imported flowers are one of the most carbon-intensive crops on the planet. We're proud to partner with farmers who:
  • practice regenerative agriculture
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • create a deeper connection to our natural world and the beauty within

image of Inspiring You

image of Inspiring You
Inspiring You

Choose from spectacular and unique flower varieties raised with care by small-scale farmers, including:
  • hand-crafted bouquets
  • DIY floral desgins
  • CSAs and subscriptions

Authentically You

Brighten your home today with flowers that speak to you.
Create your own arrangements, shop local bouquets, or start practicing for that back yard event you’ve been planning. We’re bringing back your grand-mama’s flowers, and we just *know* you’re going to love them.

Test your flower knowledge!

Try your hand at these fun quizzes and see how well you know flowers.

Flower Farm Quiz

  1. What was the top-selling locally-grown flower in 2021?
  2. How many pounds of compost does a 1-acre flower farm use each year?
  3. How many seeds does a 1-acre flower farm buy to plant each year?