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For Farmers
Billed at $165.00 / year
+ transaction fees
For Farmers
Billed at $360.00 / year
+ transaction fees

Plans Summary

Main Features Comparison
Get Started! All the essentials to start selling your products right away
  • All-in-One Inventory Management
  • Shoppable Profiles
  • Customizable Store Settings
  • Instant Harvest Lists
  • Automatic Payouts
  • Buyer Management & Communication
Level up! Sophisticated analytics and pricing transparency features
Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Rooted Range™ Pricing Tool NEW
  • Buyer Order Minimums
  • Advanced Analytics NEW
  • Buyer Segmentation

Inventory & Store Management

Unlimited Products

List unlimited products to your online store.

All-in-One Inventory Management

Manage one centralized inventory for all your product categories (e.g., cut flowers, bouquets, buckets, dried flowers, merchandise) for both retail and wholesale. Easily update quantities, fulfillment dates and archive products once you’re done selling them for the season.

Customizable Wholesale & Retail Store Settings

Control product category visibility and retail markups, delivery and pickup settings and order cut-offs.

Shoppable Profiles

Buyers can browse and shop your product right from your personalized online store.

Rooted Range™ Pricing Tool

Access extensive market pricing data for cut flowers by genus, variety, and species! Make informed decisions by viewing aggregate market data via Rooted’s proprietary pricing visibility tool. Compare year over year data to understand trends and more!

Order Management

Instant Harvest Lists

Save administrative time with one-click harvest lists for upcoming orders!

Flexible Order Management

Change and edit existing pre-orders. Add and remove product, edit quantities and price on open orders. Changes are tracked for clear buyer communication and record keeping.

Easy Point-of-Sale System

Automatically pull in contact and payment information for wholesale connections and past retail buyers. Quickly check out guests.

Comprehensive Invoicing

Create and send customizable invoices to buyers via email with simple payment instructions.

Analytics & Reporting

Built-in Reporting & Analytics

View order history, sales by buyer, flower type, or color. Review specific weeks or your entire season!

Easy Order Reconciliation

Downloadable copy of all sales with fee breakdowns for easy reconciliation for accounting.

Advanced Analytics

View buyer segment breakdowns by retail vs. wholesale; time of day of when orders are placed; product category breakdowns; and product volume by sales type (market floor sales vs preorder vs point-of-sale).

Buyer Management & Communication

Unlimited Buyer Connections

Manage unlimited wholesale buyer connections, set custom delivery and pickup options by buyer. Share updated product availability in one-click!

Order Messaging

Streamline all order communication on Rooted! Buyers and sellers can send messages directly to each other right from the order.

Onboarding & Customer Support

Dedicated email support and weekly Q&A zoom sessions to ask questions and get hands-on help.

Trusted Sellers

Save and charge your buyers' saved default payment method. No more tracking down IOUs! Buyers can grant sellers permission to charge their default card for future transactions.

Buyer Order Minimums

Set per-buyer order minimums to ensure product totals meet your requirements.

Buyer Segmentation

Tag, group and filter buyers via customizable tags based on shared characteristics to easily filter and manage your buyers.


Automatic Payouts

Automatic weekly payouts deposited via your Stripe account.

Seamless Tax Integration

We partner with Stripe to file 1099 tax forms for your yearly earnings.

Secure payments
Powered by Stripe

We process payments via Stripe’s secure, certified PCI Services Provider Level 1 system that includes security tools and systems to protect you and your buyers.

Online Credit Card Rates

Accept all major credit and debit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Electronic payments processed securely using Stripe. Amount includes Stripe standard processing fee 2.9% + $0.30.

7.9% + $0.30 USD
Cash, Check, Off-Platform

Accept cash, check, Venmo, Apply Pay or other digital forms of payment.

5.5% + $0.30 USD

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