Empowering Hubs, Co-ops and Collectives

Sell more, together. Rooted is the leading software solution for flower hubs and collectives.

Aggregate products, inventory, and sales across all your member farms to deliver a seamless, easy-to-use shopping experience for your buyers.


Manage Yor Hub with One Connected, Easy-to-Use Platform

Spend less time on manual processes and more time on what truly matters - growing your hub’s business!

Streamline administrative tasks
Integrated order messaging, shared order notes with member farms, receiving & packing lists – and more!
Increase sales
Reduce friction for buyers with a seamless, intuitive shopping experience.
Designed to scale with you
Our platform works for groups of all sizes - whether you're just getting started, or you've been operating for years, Rooted is designed to grow with your business.
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How it Works

Automatic Product Aggregation
Grower members set up and manage their inventory; product listings are automatically aggregated across all members.
Simple Wholesale & Retail Store Setup
Control order cut-off window, delivery and pickup settings, select product category visibility, and set retail markups.
Administrator Management
Hub manager(s) view one centralized view of member farms’ inventory. Edit pricing and control product visibility as needed. View aggregate hub analytics to view order history, sales by grower, sales by buyer, cultivar, or color.
Shoppable Profile
Simplify shopping with intuitive search and filtering options. Buyers can browse and shop all member farms’ product right from the collective's personalized online store.
At any point you can contact us and our specialists will answer all your questions.

Quickly update quantities and see how many are in pre-orders.


Say Goodbye to Availability Lists

Simplified, centralized inventory management for both wholesale and retail.

List unlimited products to your online store.

Easily upload and update quantities and fulfillment dates right in the field.

Archive products once you’re done selling them for the season.


Hub Application Process

When we step into new relationships with hubs, we view them as long-term partnerships. We are committed to our relationship-based approach to partnerships, and we are excited to explore what is possible.

Submit Application
Please keep in mind that our complete application and onboarding process take 6-8 weeks. This can move faster or slower depending on the time of year and the makeup of your group. Typically, we begin the on-boarding process in the early fall. We find this gives your group ample time to get set up before your next selling season begins.
Tell Us About Your Group!
The purpose of this 15-20 minute call is to get to know you, your group, your goals, and your experience. Since this is a short call, we ask that you hold off on any technical questions about the platform and use this time to tell us about your group!
60-Minute Demo and Interview
After the intro call and your application are complete, we will follow up with a more comprehensive 60-minute interview with your hub leadership. We'll continue to get to know you, and you can ask us any questions you may have! We will walk you through the software before we both make a final decision about partnering.

We're More Than Just a Software Company

We are committed to your success. That's why we provide mentorship, business collaboration, and coaching every step of the way. When you join Rooted as a collective, it's a partnership!

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Hear Why River City and CT Flower Collective Use Rooted

Listen to collective leaders Justine McFarland, owner of Tupelo Farm, part owner and manager of River City Flower Exchange Cooperative and Jill Shea, manager of the Connecticut Flower Collective talk all things collectives and cooperatives with Scott Shepherd from The Flower Podcast!

Listen to the episode
We dig in deep!

Hub Onboarding & Ongoing Support

Transitioning software and systems can feel daunting, but we’re here to help!

You can expect the application process and onboarding a new collective to Rooted to take around six to eight weeks. This can take more or less time depending your group and how quickly you work through account setup. Once you are up and running – we are here to collaborate and support you as your group evolves, season after season.

What is included:

Dedicated hub manager trainings
Focused grower trainings
Weekly Zoom Q&A sessions
Ongoing coaching & grant opportunities

Committed to Quality Product and Farm-Level Transparency

When assessing potential collectives/hubs looking to join Rooted, we like to sit down with groups early in the application process to make sure we understand your model, your region, and the goals of your group.

We look for collectives with a commitment to quality, consistency, and strong communication between your growers, your buyers, and the Rooted team.

Learn more about how we partner with hubs below.

Hub Qualifications

We work hard to ensure we’re setting you up for success. To help gauge this, we set baseline qualifications for new applicant groups.

If you don’t meet these requirements or have any questions about our process, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting.

Cohesive, collaborative leadership team
Group includes at least two dedicated administrative members to manage collective management-related responsibilities
Experienced Growers
Group includes 3+ growers with at least two members with 3+ years of growing experience; and at least two members with 2+ years of experience selling wholesale and/or to florists
Local Market Expertise
Demonstrated awareness of the opportunities and challenges of your local market and building a collective
Flexible, adaptive mindset
Committed to the long-term success of the collective and able to proactively solve challenges

Collectives 101 Course

Our on-demand online course, Collectives 101 was produced in collaboration with The Gardener’s Workshop. Amelia Ihlo, Founder of Rooted Farmers and owner of Reverie Flowers, covers the ins and out of how collectives work, and why they have value to you as a grower or a group of growers.

Learn more about our course through The Gardener’s Workshop below!

Benefits of a collective from both grower and designer perspectives

What is a collective admin and what is their role?

Collective logistics and order fulfillment

How collective cash flows work

The typical collective timeline

First year expectations


Listen to Lisa’s podcast episode:

"What is a Collective, Anyway?" Interview with Amelia Ihlo and Lisa Ziegler

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Woman standing in rows of flowers, field and garden podcast with Lisa Mason Ziegler
What they say


The Rooted team is hands-on, supportive, and innovative beyond what any other payment or ordering platform can offer. They know flowers and they know flower farmers. Their encouragement, advice, and expertise make the process of starting a new business so much easier, we really can't imagine doing this without them.

Nantucket Flower Collective,

Nantucket, MA

we've got you covered


Find answers to frequently asked questions below.

We’re Here to Help!

Switching to a new platform can be daunting! Questions about how our platform works or whether it’s the right fit for you? Our dedicated team is here to answer any questions and give you hands-on help whether you’re just getting set up or have questions as you expand your business.

Email us: reachout@rootedfarmers.com