Andy Rightmire
Andy Rightmire
Andy Rightmire
Customer Success and Grant Specialist, Farmer

Andy Rightmire

Andy is back with Rooted after graduating from Colby College with a degree in geology and history. He grew up in Hanover, NH, where he found a love for the outdoors and cross country skiing. Last summer, Andy worked with Rooted as a logistics intern and farmhand. Andy is committed to customer success and loves working with our farmers.

Favorite kitchen item:
I love a good wooden spoon.
Favorite Wheels:
My Bike!
My 'Happy Place' is:
The Appalachian Trail not far from the Rooted HQ
Favorite Flower:
Peak of my athletic career:
Being captained by my colleague, Annika!
Best part about my job:
Working outside last summer for Rooted.
Something I'm terrible at:
Least favorite farm job:
I still have not found a love for weeding.