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Manage your inventory in real-time, streamline buyer communication, and access sales data analytics to inform crop planning.

Built by farmers, for farmers like you.

You wear all the hats for your business - so do we. We are a team of first, second, and third-generation farmers, and we're building for you.

We're built different: We've spent years collaborating with buyers and sellers across the industry to create a platform that works for you, and we continue to build in partnership with USDA, NIFA, and leading universities to ensure that we are meeting your needs.

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Real People Cultivating Real Beauty

Rooted Farmers is a community of farmers, hubs, and buyers dedicated to growing a more sustainable future.
We believe that local flowers are the future of the floral industry, and we are committed to supporting the farmers who grow them.

a Solution for Farmers

Designed to Grow with (and for) You

Rooted helps farmers, hubs, and buyers build a more profitable, sustainable future.

Small & Mid-Sized Farms

Say goodbye to weekly availability lists. Streamline your farm’s business operations and inform your crop planning with real-time data and analytics

Hubs, Co-ops & Collectives

Your hub is scaling but your systems are broken. We’ve got you. Automatic product aggregation across your member farms? Check. Farm-level transparency? Check. Receiving lists? Check.


A Better Way to Sell Your Flowers

Meet your intuitive, all-in-one sales software and online marketplace.

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Easy Inventory Management
Real-time inventory management streamlines your sales systems and reduces the risk of over-selling.
Customizable Buyer Management
Connect with your wholesale buyers and grow your network in our dedicated specialty flower marketplace.
Flexible Payment & Order Management
Efficiently manage your orders with harvest lists, pack lists, and receiving systems, and support flexible payment options for your buyers.
Detailed Data & Analytics
Gain real-time insights into your business: scale your business with detailed analytics - including sales by flower type, color, cultivar, and explore customer and sales channel segmentation with Rooted Pro.
Shopping Local Flowers Made Simple

You juggle enough in your day-to-day. Simplify your local shopping experience with Rooted’s easy-to-use marketplace.

Florists, Designers & Grocery

A wholesale shopping experience built for your needs. Intuitively browse inventory by color, variety, or design element. Pre-order to reserve product in advance, and review your purchase history using our NEW Buyer Analytics. Join our marketplace for free and get started shopping from local farms.

Flower Lovers of All Kinds

Local flowers made easy! Whether you’re a DIY bride, aspiring floral designer, or just looking to get your weekly flower fix, find all you need to know about specialty crop flowers in our easy-to-use platform. Join our marketplace for free and get started shopping from local farms!

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What they say


We almost quadrupled gross sales to florists from last year, and the Rooted platform made that possible. Rooted enables all the different systems – when you use Rooted it all kind of goes, it all works.

Kimby Decker, Millsap Farm Flowers, Missouri Flower Exchange

Springfield, MO

Roots to live by
Our Core Values
Farmers first
Farmers - their goals and their challenges - lie at the core of everything we do. Every decision we make aims to improve the lives of the farming community. We spend time visiting our farmers and hubs because we want to deeply understand your needs.
Supporting local
Building more robust local economies keeps dollars in your community, growing jobs and opportunities where they matter most to you.
Shortening the supply chain and supporting farms that steward land responsibly improves local ecosystems, biodiversity, and reduces our collective carbon footprint.

Rooted in the News

Discover more about how Rooted Farmers empowers farms, hubs, and floral buyers. Watch video tutorials and listen to podcasts.

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All-in-one inventory management system for wholesale and retail

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Built-in reporting & analytics

Instant harvest and pack lists!

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