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A Revolutionary New Cut Flower Marketplace

Built by farmers, for farmers.

We were farmers first. After a handful of growing seasons – and countless hard lessons learned – the idea of Rooted Farmers was born out of mounting frustration: there just had to be an easier way to sell our flowers.

We spent months researching, creating, and testing; and the result is a platform for farmers, built by farmers who know the unique pain points in this business.

We recruited an incredible (and patient!) group of farmers and designers who were willing to test the system for a year and provide feedback along the way.

The result? It worked.

  • Florists doubled their purchases on the platform.
  • Growers increased sales and reduced waste.
  • Designers gained access to product they had never seen before.
  • Growers' inventory updated real time with each new order placed.
  • And we all said goodbye to availability lists, forever.

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