Amelia Ihlo
Amelia Ihlo
Amelia Ihlo
Amelia Ihlo
Founder, Head Farmer, CEO

Amelia Ihlo

Amelia founded Rooted in 2019 after pulling her hair out using existing sales platforms to manage her own farm sales. She realized that none of them effectively solved the challenges specific to farming, so she decided to create one. Amelia lives on her flower farm in rural New Hampshire, where she runs a wholesale-only annual and perennial operation and is raising a flock of children and animals. Prior to founding Rooted, she spent her career in private equity and finance. Working with farmers every day is much more fun.

I couldn’t be stuck on a deserted island without:
Coffee + Burt's Bees chapstick
Favorite Invention Ever:
Worst Fear:
Bedbugs. Full stop.
My 'Happy Place' is:
Camping in Acadia
I get annoyed when:
Tying shoelaces. They’re the actual worst.
Best part about my job:
Working with so many strong, driven women every single day.
I’m most proud of:
Choreographing stylin’ moves to 90’s Bon Jovi tunes with my high school BFFs. KIDDING! My kiddos – they’re pretty fantastic. (But the Bon Jovi dances were pretty great)
I’m terrible at:
Keeping track of my keys. I was given a Tile by a friend after she graciously helped me search our local grocery store for my keys… but I lost the Tile before setting it up.
Favorite Flower:
I absolutely love everything about peonies
Favorite kitchen item:
I would be lost without a decent smoothie blender!
Least favorite farm job:
Dumping a full wagon of weeds that have been marinating for days in stagnant rainwater
Something I say all the time:
No chickens in the house!