Annika Martell
Annika Martell
Annika Martell
Annika Martell
Finance & Operations Manager, Farmer

Annika Martell

Annika is a Farmer turned Finance & Operations Manager here at Rooted. She is comfortable shoveling manure, taking photos, and talking all things Rooted. She's also a cross country skier and ski coach. As a graduate from Colby College, she's passionate about creating sustainable business in all forms of the word and contributing to a greater purpose.

Favorite kitchen item:
My Narwahl mug
Worst fear:
Snakes with zero hesitation. (Letting people down, if I'm being honest).
My 'Happy Place:
A top secret spot that looks out over the Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming.
Favorite wheels:
Razor Scooters (specifically blue or red colored ones)
Most important lesson I've learned:
How to ask for help
I get annoyed when:
Someone calls you, you call back immediately and then they don’t answer
Least favorite farm job:
Squishing Japanese beetles... although I do get some satisfaction out of it. So maybe my actual least favorite is deadheading. It's just so sad!
I'm terrible at:
Saying no. And also multitasking while watching TV, I get absolutely mesmerized. If someone tries to talk to me with the TV on, I can't register what they say
Movie I wish I was an extra in:
All 3 High School Musical movies
Favorite flower:
Scabiosa! They're so fun and whimsical!