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Rooted Subscription Options

A sales platform for farmers, built by farmers

Get the flexibility, control, and customization you need to manage your farm sales.

Rooted is free to join for floral designers and all retail buyers.
See subscription options below for farmers and collectives.

2022 Special Offer!

Discount applies to the first year of your annual membership.

$150 $25
$150 $50
for Slow Flowers
Membership TypeRooted for FarmersRooted for Collectives
Store Management
  • Unlimited products
  • Real-time sales updates
  • Wholesale and retail sales
  • Instant harvest lists
  • Easily manage product availability
  • QuickBooks Integration
All the benefits of Rooted for Farmers, plus:
  • Seamless aggregation across all of your member farms
  • Real-time inventory updates across member farms with all new orders
  • Flexible price & order editing capabilities
Customer Management
  • Customizable delivery and pick-up settings
  • Instant payment without invoicing or IOUs
  • Unlimited connections with buyers (wholesale & retail)
  • Comprehensive invoicing
  • In-person point of sale payments
  • Customizable customer grouping for easy geographic or priority grouping (Premium!)
  • Per-customer order minimums (Premium!)
All the benefits of Rooted for Farmers, plus:
  • Customizable customer grouping for easy geographic or priority grouping
  • Reporting and sales data by customer
  • Reporting and sales data by supplying farm
Membership Cost
Annual Subscription$150 / year*$325 / year
Processing Fees
Electronic Payment Processing**7.9% + $0.30
Cash / Check etc. Payment Processing
5.5% + $0.30
*2022 Special Offer: $50 first year for Slow Flowers members or $25 first year for ASCFG members
**Electronic payments processed securely using Stripe. Amount includes 2.9% + $0.30 per successful card charge from Stripe.

Once the Rooted team approves your application, enter your ASCFG or Slow Flowers offer code when choosing a subscription. You will be charged the discounted rate after Stripe has approved your account.

To Join:

In order to maintain our commitment to quality, freshness, and sustainability, we screen all farmers interested in joining the network. The application process is simple: fill out our quick Q&A and we’ll be in touch within a week via email. Once you’re approved, you can connect with florists and start selling immediately.

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