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Meet Our Farmers

Real People Cultivating Real Beauty

Right in your back yard. (Well, almost).
We love our farmers, and we value the work that they bring to the table.
Get to know some of your suppliers by meeting a few of our farmers here.

The Farmer's Pledge

The Rooted Promise

As a small farmer, I am committed to minimizing the harmful impacts that my industry has on the environment. I recognize that internationally-sourced flowers carry with them a burden of a considerable carbon footprint, as well as staggering levels of environmentally compromising chemical additives. I do not participate in these practices.

I love compost.

I love worms, pollinators, and beneficial insects.

And I love water and work hard to conserve it.

Wherever possible, I avoid the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and preservatives and I sell my flowers within a local and regional radius of my farm. I am committed to maintaining these and other sustainable practices on my farm for the benefit of both our own ecosystem and the larger watershed of which I am a part.

Your Rooted Small Growers