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Rooted for Collectives

Building a better way to sell flowers, together.

We want to partner with you!

What you can expect from us

When you join Rooted as a collective it’s a partnership! We provide mentorship, business collaboration and coaching as part of our commitment to your success.

What we look for from you

Rooted is committed to offering quality product to our community of buyers and this informs our decision to partner with sellers. We look for collectives with a commitment to quality, consistency, and strong communication between your growers, to your buyers and with Rooted. We’ve found these principles to be critical indicators to a group’s success.

Collective Onboarding

You can expect onboarding a new collective to Rooted to take around four weeks. This can take more or less time depending on several variables including the number of growers in your group and how quickly the group works through their account setup.

What's included:

  • Grower training meetings
  • Collective admin training
  • Logistics consultations (weekly schedule; delivery/pickup settings; market days; payment setup)
  • Ongoing check-in's, support, and more!

Collectives 101 Course

Are you looking to scale your flower farming business and want to join an existing collective? Or maybe you’re interested in organizing growers in your area to formalize your own coop?

In our new, on-demand online course, Collectives 101, produced in collaboration with The Gardener’s Workshop, Head Farmer, Founder of Rooted, and owner of Reverie Flowers, Amelia Ihlo covers the ins and out of how collectives work, and why they have value to you as a grower or a group of growers. Everything from first year expectations, collective cash flows, the role of the collective admin, to logistics and more is covered in this densely packed 104-minute workshop.

Listen to Lisa’s recent podcast episode "What is a Collective, Anyway? Interview with Amelia Ihlo".

Collectives 101 Course

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