Perrin Milliken
Perrin Milliken
Perrin Milliken
Perrin Milliken
Customer Success and Operations Specialist, Farmer and Assistant Flower Hub Manager

Perrin Milliken

Perrin grew up in the hills of Vermont collecting rocks, cross country skiing, and roasting marshmallows. Her love for nature landed her at Bowdoin College where she studied Earth Science and enjoyed cold ocean plunges. Perrin is excited to be part of the Rooted team because she is passionate about creating systems that facilitate a livable future for the earth’s communities and ecosystems. A lover of people and the outdoors, Perrin believes that designing sustainable, local, and vibrant agricultural networks is an essential part of the journey towards a world in which we all want to live.

How I want the Rooted team to be perceived:
Inquisitive, passionate, balanced, kind
Most important lesson I learned:
Be patient with yourself and with others!
My 'Happy Place' is:
Uncontrollably laughing at a hysterical dinner table conversation with family, friends, and fresh food.
Favorite wheels:
My trusty rusty red bike that took me all over Brunswick, Maine even when its brakes no longer functioned.
My catchphrase:
'EEEEEEEEEEEE' when I’m really excited about something but too overwhelmed to communicate clearly
Favorite flower:
Dandelions, daffodils, and purple lupines
Something that makes me unique is:
I hate avocado
Least favorite farm job:
Spraying fish guts :(
Peak of my athletic career:
Wearing a blowup chicken suit in a cross country ski race