Justine McFarland
Justine McFarland
Justine McFarland
Justine McFarland
Head of Horticultural & Agricultural Research & Education, Farmer

Justine McFarland

Justine is a self-professed plant nerd, having spent time growing in the mountains of Vermont, and now in rural, coastal Virginia. She is also a member of a growing collective of farmers, selling to both wholesale designers and DIY retail customers. Justine is passionate about education and access to information in the local flower movement. At Rooted, she is spearheading incredibly exciting data projects to help close communication gaps between farmers and their buyers.

I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without:
My knitting/yarns. It'd be the perfect spot to perfect walking and knitting.
Worst fear:
Failure, if we're being real. Ceiling fans falling on me while they're spinning, if we're being slightly irrational.
My 'Happy Place':
Outside. On a mountain side. Looking at the ocean.
Favorite wheels:
My Subarus. They've never let me down. I can't seem to own anything else.
Most important lesson I've learned:
Don't put both milk and lemon in your tea.
I'm most proud of:
All the very random skills I've mastered. If there's an apocalypse, you want me on your team. Just sayin'.
Something I say all the time:
Cool your jets.
I'm terrible at:
Saying no.
Something that makes me unique is:
There are only three things I won't eat.
Favorite flower:
Rudbeckia 'Cappuccino'