Jeremy Garner
Jeremy Garner
Jeremy Garner
Software Engineer

Jeremy Garner

Jeremy is a senior software developer dedicated to helping Rooted Farmers continue to grow. Growing up in rural Illinois, he worked in his family's tree removal business which is why he is usually the developer on the team who is most comfortable with a chainsaw. After college, he became interested in languages and worked as a language teacher in St. Louis, Latin America and the Middle East, which was an incredible way to see the world. Since making a career change to software, Jeremy has built business solutions for the construction, financial, entertainment and staffing industries amongst others. When not writing software, Jeremy spends time on his small farm in Illinois working on a small-scale experiment in converting row crop production to perennial, tree-based agriculture.

I couldn’t be stuck on a deserted island without:
Sunblock, or a hat. Maybe I'd only come out at night.
Best part about my job:
Finding an elegant way to simplify something.
My catchphrase:
If it were easy everyone would do it.
Favorite kitchen item:
A well-balanced knife.
Worst job I've ever had:
Pet cemetery grave digger.
Something I'm terrible at:
Chemistry was my worst grade in high school, but I'm giving it another go. I think adults should get a second try at math and science if it wasn't their thing when they were teenagers.
Most important lesson I've learned:
Don't get distracted by events, focus on the systems that produced them.
Favorite flower:
Maypop, or passion flower. My mind was blown when I learned they're native to North America.
Favorite invention:
If we're counting non-human inventions, photosynthesis. Otherwise, the diesel engine was very clever.
Least favorite farm job:
So far, installing weed mats.