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About Us

Flowers Matter. So does your supplier.

We're not your traditional supply chain.

We're better.

At Rooted, we work exclusively with local growers to put the highest-quality specialty cut flowers in floral customers' hands. When you partner with us, you are investing in your community, and you can expect a commitment to excellence in return.

Superior quality

Fresh is our middle name. Our flowers are cut within 24-36 hours of their delivery to you. No long flights or strenuous journeys here - our flowers left the field just hours before they reached you.

“farm fresh” is more than A buzz phrase.

Specialty varieties

We offer many hard-to-find, specialty varieties. The international flower market is concentrated in a small selection of ultra-durable varieties that can survive hours (or days!) out of water and rough handling.

stand out from the crowd.

Sustainably grown

Our farmers work hard to support their local ecology by building soil and healthy ecosystems, rather than using harmful synthetic fertilizers & pesticides. Learn more about why sustainability matters.

be the change you want to see.

Local, Local, Local

Your footprint matters. All of our flowers are sourced within a three hour radius of your city. None of our flowers require customs stamps, because they are all sourced from just outside your back yard.

invest in your community.

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