Madeline Rainwater
Madeline Rainwater
Software Engineer

Madeline Rainwater

Madeline is one of the software engineers working to expand Rooted Farmers’ technical capabilities. She comes from a farming family based in Northern California, which meant she learned to drive a tractor before she learned to drive a car! After spending a few years up and down the East Coast, she ultimately settled with her family in North Georgia. Madeline has helped develop software for the financial, healthcare, and insurance industries, but is happiest when she’s working with the Earth, or other people working with the Earth. When she’s not debugging or developing software, you can usually find her in the kitchen perfecting her sourdough bread recipe, reading, or out hiking the local trails.

Best part about my job:
Seeing someone get value out of a feature I've built.
My 'Happy Place':
Watching the sunrise from a rocking chair on my porch, coffee in hand.
Favorite kitchen item:
My enameled dutch oven.
Least favorite farm job:
Mucking out chicken coops.
Most important lesson I've learned:
The best way to break out of 'analysis paralysis' is taking an action towards your goal, no matter how small.
I get annoyed when:
Dishes/laundry/clutter pile up. I find it really hard to focus when things aren't in order around me.
My catchphrase:
Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.
I'm terrible at:
Clothes shopping… I put it off until I absolutely have to go and then I buy multiples so I can put it off in the future.
Something that makes me unique is:
I'm a serial hobbyist - part of me wishes I could stick with one thing longer term, but I like dabbling in many different things! My latest endeavors include crocheting, fermenting, canning, programming Raspberry Pi devices, and hydroponics.
Favorite flower:
Nigella - they're just unique!