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Fledgling Farmers

You're still mastering your farming game.

We've been there. We get it. And we can help.

Maybe this is your first season. You aren't quite far enough along in this journey to estimate your future weeks' yield reliably enough for a traditional wholesaler, but you still want to dip your toes into working with florists near you.

Or, maybe you've been doing this for a couple of years and you've worked through your biggest growing challenges and want to focus on increasing your wholesale sales.

We've got you covered.

Why work with Rooted?

Rooted is an end-to-end solution for flower farmers, providing the tools you need to get your blooms into customers' hands. Working with Rooted allows you to spend more time in your fields, and less time on administrative tasks like availability lists, orders, and relationship management.

We're passionate about helping farmers shape their businesses, and are constantly working to develop new tools and systems to make this possible. Here are a few of the Rooted features we're *super* excited to bring you:

  1. Marketplace Access
    • Streamline your existing relationships, or expand your network of florists.
    • Use our simple invitation tool to make new flower friends through our marketplace.

How does it work?

Our application process is very straightforward; just fill out our contact page with a bit of information about your farm, and we'll be in touch within a week.

Rooted has built its reputation selling gorgeous, fresh, sustainably-grown blooms. If this describes your harvests, we want to hear from you! In order to maintain our commitment to quality, we screen all growers who would like to sell through Rooted.

What are the costs?

Costs to access our platform are as follows:

  • An annual subscription fee of $250.00

    • This fee gives you access our inventory management system, marketplace, messaging system, and grower dashboards
    • Helpful Hint: Slow Flowers and ASCFG members receive discounted subscriptions to Rooted Farmers in 2020!
  • A transaction fee of 8% on all completed sales

    • You are only charged a fee on items that you sell. If it doesn't sell, no charge!
    • This fee covers payment processing and use of all of our systems.

Ready to give it a shot?

Heck Yes. How do I join?